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Suffer from Back, Knee or Other Pain ? Have Medicare Insurance ?

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Qualify In Minutes.  Free Home Delivery.  Medicare Accredited.


We Carry a Complete Line of Back and Knee Braces: All Brands. All Types. Ready To Ship.

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Do You Qualify For a Brace?

Suffer from the back, knee, or other pain?

Have sudden sharp pains when you move?

Have muscle contractions or weakness?

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Aware of your insurance benefits?

We verify and explain your insurance benefits.

We work with Medicare and Private insurance.

We handle all the paperwork and billing.

Qualify For Medical Grade Bracing in 3 Easy Steps!


Our bracing specialists will work with you and your doctor to find the right product for your specific needs


We work directly with Medicare and Private Insurance.  We handle all the paperwork and billing for you.


We provide free overnight delivery to your home with a 100% product satisfaction guarantee.

Adjustable Back Braces

Conforms to your natural shape for maximum control, compliance and comfort.

Adjustable Knee Braces

Adjustable hinge to stabilize the knee, promote proper alignment and functionality.

Ankle Braces

Ideal for after cast removal or minor sprains. Fits both feet and comes in multiple sizes.

Wrist Braces

Keeps wrist stable to promote healing, comfort and protect against further injury.

We Carry The Brands You Know and Trust

All Brands. All Types. In Stock. Ready To Ship.

Suffer from Back, Knee, or Other Pain? Have Medicare or Private Insurance?

Get a Pain Relieving Brace at Little or No Cost!

Qualify In Minutes.  Free Home Delivery.  Medicare Accredited.

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We Carry a Complete Line of Back and Knee Braces: All Brands. All Types. Ready To Ship.

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Six Great Reasons To Get a Pain Relieving Brace From Galaxy Medical Supply

We Accept Medicare and Private Insurance.

Qualify in minutes for a pain relieving brace at Little or No Cost. We will verify your insurance, explain your benefits and handle all the paperwork and billing for you.

Free Home Delivery.

Enjoy the convenience of receiving FREE home delivery of your medical grade brace. Now you can manage and rehabilitate your pain while remaining active and healthy.

Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed

Galaxy Medical Supply is committed to providing outstanding customer service. We work with all the major brands you know and trust! And, we work directly with your physician to ensure you get the right bracing solution.

Medical Grade Braces

Bracing technology allows patients with a wide variety of conditions to maintain their quality of life. We utilizes braces with a lightweight, modular design for easy, on the spot adjustments and extreme comfort.

Professional Customer Care

Have a question? Need help with your medical grade bracing supplies? With Galaxy Medical Supply braces, you will have access to our hotline that connects you immediately to a friendly bracing supply specialist.

Friendly Reorder Reminders

You will never run out of pain management supplies such as accessories for your Tens unit or topical pain relief cream. When your next shipment is ready, you will receive an email or text notification.
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